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The Matchstick Project

YOU CAN Empower Young Women in Guatemala + Dominican Republic – in Jesus’ Name!


Imagine Rosario,

a teenage girl...

...growing up in Nicaragua, the poorest country in Central America. Like almost thirty percent of Nicaraguans, Rosario and her family live in poverty. Thankfully, when she was 5 years old, Rosario was registered in the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program operated by a local church.

Through Compassion and the faithful support of her sponsor, Rosario thrived! She received the medical care, education assistance, spiritual nurture and other critical interventions she needed to flourish and grow toward her full potential in Christ. She even learned how to discover her God-given talents and abilities, and dream about a bright and happy future...


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...Today, Rosario is only a few years away from graduating from secondary school and the Compassion program...

Then what?

Job opportunities are few for young Nicaraguans like Rosario, even for those who hold a high school diploma. Without additional education or career training opportunities, she is destined to join the ranks of Nicaragua’s unemployed or underemployed — a stunning 50 percent of the country’s adults of working age. Likely, the cycle of poverty will continue for her family, and she might even fall prey to the false promises of such dangerous paths as gang participation, sexual exploitation and drug trafficking.

That’s where you come in!

With your help...

...Rosario can be prepared now with the vocational training she needs to leave our program as a responsible, self-sufficient young adult, able to provide for her family and forever escape the bonds of poverty!

Here’s the plan: The generosity of those who purchase The Matchstick Project EP on behalf of Rosario and other teen girls in Compassion’s program in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua, will enable us to provide them a vocational training program in beauty salon skills. We will hire a professional trainer and fully equip a center for training in such skills as hair styling, manicures/pedicures, makeup and skin care.

From two church-based Compassion centers in Ciudad Sandino, up to 120 Compassion-sponsored girls today — and countless more in the future — will be enrolled in the center’s 16-month program and work toward a professional certificate in this highly marketable skill.

Poor families like Rosario’s could never afford to send their children to a quality vocational training program like this. They are depending on friends like you to come alongside them in empowering their children to achieve their dreams and create a better future for themselves.

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Do you hear God’s voice saying to your heart, “Whom shall I send?” We invite you to say, “Here am I. Send me!” You can make an amazing, life-transforming difference for girls like Rosario by giving a gift from your heart to this project.

Your caring generosity will not only provide Nicaraguan girls in need with a viable skill and a path out of poverty. It will also inspire them to say, “God, YOU ARE my provider, my protector and source of life eternal!”



Your gift to Compassion International will enable us to:

·  Provide training in beauty salon skills for 120 teen girls in need in Nicaragua.
·  Enable them to achieve a professional certificate in a highly marketable vocation.
·  Empower them to achieve their dreams and break the generational cycle of poverty.
·  Demonstrate God’s great love and provision for them in a tangible, powerful way!